For years there has been word floating around that The Blob was going to be remade by Hollywood, but no concrete details have ever emerged. That is until recently, when it appeared at the end of last year that producer Scott Rubin, who has also overseen the recent remakes of Shaft (2000), The Manchurian Candidate (2004) and The Stepford Wives (2004), was attached to the project.

Now, more news has come out, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, during an interview with screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes who were out doing promotion for their upcoming film The Reaping. According to the report, the brothers have completed a screenplay for a Blob remake for Rudin.

According to brother Carey, “It’s a B.L.O.B: Biological Lethal Organic Bomb. It was created by our own government in the 50s, they beta tested it, it almost got out of control, but they confined it. Now it’s back. But it’s a fast blob, there’s nothing slow, it’s got major attitude. It’s like Shaun of the Dead or Tremors.”

The idea of the Blob actually being a weapon harkens back to the 1988 version of The Blob. The idea that it was created in the 1950s suggests that the Hayes brothers have cherry-picked both versions for their film’s backstory.

The brothers also let slip that rather than the film have one lead hero a la Steve McQueen or Kevin Dillon (the star of the 1988) remake, their version of The Blob will have mostly an ensemble cast headed up a female character. “We like having female leads,” Chad Hayes admits.

Despite the fact that it is now confirmed that a Blob remake has gotten at least as far as the scripting stage, the fate of the film is still in limbo. Rudin has recently left his long-time home at Paramount Studios for Disney, leaving the film’s future uncertain.