If you manged to catch a screening of the indie comedy The Best And The Brightest at the Philadelphia Film Festival, you may have seen a stealth cameo appearance from well known Blob location the Colonial Theatre. While some of the film was shot on location in the Philadelphia area, the production never made it out to Phoenixville for any filming. Instead, there’s a painting of the Colonial on one of the walls of the apartment of the character played by comic actress Amy Sedaris. You can see it just over her shoulder in the picture below. (Click on the picture for a bigger look.)

I’m not sure how the picture wound up in the film, though my guess is that the production used a real Philadelphia-area apartment as a location, and the owner had the picture already hanging on the wall. Since the apartment is supposed to be in Manhattan in the movie, it does seem a little out of place if you know about the Colonial, though.

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