BlobFest Weather Report

BlobFest is just 12 hours away! If you can’t make it, don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of pictures and coverage of all the fun as the weekend progresses. If you are heading out, just be advisedof the weekend’s weather and plan accordingly. (Below image taken from Click to enlarge) All though there is a chance of rain tonight, veteran BlobFest attendees will tell you that a little precipitation has never slowed the Blob down!







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BlobFest Countdown: The Onion AV Club

It’s just a few days until the weekend and this year’s BlobFest and already the media attention is starting. Here is a nice piece that the Onion’s AV Club did on the Fest with organizer Shane Stone.


Philadelphia: The Blob movie theater

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BlobFest Countdown: BlobBall 4 Deatils!

It’s T-minus four days until BlobFest so we just want to remind you that following Friday night’s running out reenactment, the Rivers will be hosting the Fourth Annual Blob Ball at Underground at PJ Ryan’s Pub. hether you’re a swing dancer, a jitterbug or just a fan of good old fashion rock and roll, you’ll want to stop by a give the Rivers a listen. They’ve become a BlobFest tradition i themselves.

If you are unsure, check out the fun that was had at last year’s BlobBall!

You can get your tickets here.

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