Every year, the Rondo Awards take write-in votes for their “Monster Kids Hall of Fame,” an honor given to certain fans who have helped the scholarship and promotion of classic horror films. Among those in the Hall of Fame include such noted luminaries as Forrest J Ackerman, Bob Burns, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Joe Dante and George A. Romero.

This year, I think there should be a concerted effort to get Wes Shank elected into this fraternity of super fans.

Wes, as we know, is the Caretaker of the Blob, safeguarding the rest of humanity from that gelatinous monster from outer space. It was Wes who rescued the Blob prop from its ignoble fate of sitting in a bucket in a dusty corner of Valley Forge Films, forgotten. It was Wes who also saved some of the special effects sets used in the making of the film. Without him, these may have been lost to cinema fans forever.

But Wes isn’t a collector who just keeps his treasures private. He has come out every year to Blob Fest to share these amazing pieces with fans. And the year when Blob Fest screened the classic Forbidden Planet, Wes brought along a few props from the film that he had in his collection as well.

In addition to his yearly appearances at BlobFest, Wes has also written a great and well-researched book on the making of The Blob, From Silicone To The Silver Screen, the only tome of its kind.

Now I have to say that while I know Wes and his wife Judi, I am proposing this entirely without their knowledge. I think it is time that Wes get some recognition for the work he has done in helping to research and preserve the classic that is The Blob.

You can vote for this year’s Rondo Awards here. The deadline is April 1.