photo credit Damon Casantini

This past weekend, the inimitable Joel Hodgson, creator of the classic series Mystery Science Theater 3000, was at the Colonial Theatre to host an evening of comedy featuring his students from a course he taught on the art of movie riffing. In the course of his introduction, Joel took a few moments to share some of his memories of The Blob. The first was from a sleepover birthday party when he was a preteen and wound up getting a bit distracted before he and his friends could watch the film.

We had made some homemade mini-pizzas and I had noticed that in the TV listings for that night there was a double feature of The Incredible Shrinking Man and The Blob. And then the girls called us at my house so it was awesome. Nothing else happened, they just called to let us know that they knew we were there.

My other experience with The Blob was very peculiar. Before starting Mystery Science Theater, I made robots out of found objects as sculptural pieces and I sold them at a store in Minneapolis called Props. My other “product line” was a thing that I made with a vent like I got from the hardware store and I used some hot melted silicone that I poured through it so when you hang it on your wall it looks like the Blob was coming into your room. But they never sold.

What I wouldn’t give for one of those Blob-like art pieces!

Later in the show, Joel riffed on The Blob’s classic trailer, turning it into an advertisment for BlobFest. When it gets released online, we’ll have it for you!