DeadlyMantisPrepare to get a bit buggy this year at BlobFest in Phoenixville as all the double feature screenings of The Blob this year will be paired up with one of three classic giant bug movies!

The second movie on Saturday afternoon’s double feature bill is the 1954 giant ant opus Them! (And would you believe that this was the movie that Walt Disney screened before giving the part of Davy Crockett to co-star Fess Parker?)

Saturday evening’s double feature will see Tarantula get Leo G. Carroll over a barrel! This classic is from director Jack Arnold, who’s Creature From The Black Lagoon was screened at 2008’s BlobFest. (And keep your eyes open for an early film appearance from Clint Eastwood as a jet fighter pilot!)

And finally, on Sunday, the second half of The Blob double-feature will showcase 1957’s The Deadly Mantis!

If you haven’t seen any of these classics, they’re well worth checking out at BlobFest on July 13th and 14th. (Though don’t forget that Friday night will feature the famous Runout Reenactment!) Here are the trailers for all three films to whet your appetite.