BlobFest Tix Go On Sale Next Week!


Tickets for BlobFest’s Friday Night Runout go on sale next week via the Colonial Theater’s website.

If you are a member of the Theater you can purchase them during the Member’s only pre-sale on May the 28th & 29th with the general public getting their chance the following Monday, June 1.

All info is available here!

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BlobFest Announces Double-Feature Films & First Guest

RicouBrowningA big part of the fun of the annual BlobFest in Phoenixville, PA is the double features the organizers program, pairing The Blob with another classic science-fiction film from the 1950s.

This year sees the return of The Creature From The Black Lagoon, which screened at a BlobFest several years back. (And forgive me for not knowing exactly which year…) The film will be presented in its original 3D, and having seen it a couple of times that way I can tell you that you are in for a fun treat. But that’s not all as the Gill Man himself, Ricou Browning, will be on hand all weekend signing autographs and meeting with fans.

The Saturday evening second-half of the double-feature will be the 1948 fan favorite comedy-monster mashup Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein. Sunday’s double feature will be The Ghastly Love Of Johnny X, a 2012 throwback film that promises to feature (according to the BlobFest’s Facebook page) “juvenile delinquents, flying saucers, cool cars, cosmic weapons, deadly dames, musical numbers, and just a splash of horror.” Judging from it’s trailer below, it looks like a great time!

This year’s BlobFest will be held in Phoenixville on July 10-12.

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