The folks at BlobFest have announced the second feature of the Saturday night Double feature. Screening right after The Blob is the 1966 science-fiction film Queen Of Blood starring Dennis Hopper, John Saxon, Basil Rathbone and Judi Meredith!

Set in the far futuristic world of 1990 (!), Queen Of Blood is actually a remake of an earlier Soviet film called Mechte Navstrechu (A Dream Come True) and some of the special effects seen in the US version were lifted right from its Soviet counterpart! As this was a Samuel Z. Arkoff production through American International Pictures, the film was made fairly quickly with Saxon recalling that he was only on set for about seven to eight days. Basil Rathbone was only on set for a day and a half.

The story revolves a distress signal from an alien ship being received on Earth. Scientists quickly launch a rescue mission to discover that the signal is from a ship that has crashed on Mars. Needless to say, they slowly discover what caused the crash and that cause is coming for them. Just based on this description it is easy to see how some film scholars point to this film as one of the inspirations for Ridley Scott’s classic Alien.