320 Second Avenue


Sgt. Jim Bert (John Benson) shoots at the wires, but the attempt is unsuccessful at killing the Blob. The diner catches on fire.

As Steve tries to put out the fire, which has spread to the basement, he realizes that the Blob cannot tolerate the cold produced by the fire extinguisher. AH-HA! That’s why it didn’t follow them into the meat locker at Jerry’s Market!

He yells up to the telephone (which fortunately was left off the hook) to Dave to tell him about his discovery.

Jane’s father (played by Elbert Smith) realizes the best place to get a supply of CO2 fire extinguishers is at the high school. With the help of Steve’s friends, he breaks into the school to get all the CO2 extinguishers they can find.

They freeze the Blob, save the world, and live happily ever after.

This is the Samuel K. Barkley Elementary School in Phoenixville, PA. To the left you will see the same entranceway that was used in the filming of the movie. A fan wrote to me and told me that in 1957, when the movie was filmed, the school’s name was Memorial Junior High School (courtesy of Gerry Fox).

Some locals believe the school used in the filming was the old (now demolished) Downingtown High School. However, these pictures show conclusively that it was the Barkley Elementary School. Built in 1930, the school was known as Memorial Junior High School until 1964 a new middle school was built and Memorial Junior High was renamed Samuel K. Barkley Elementary.

[googleMap name=”The High School” directions_to=”false”]320 Second Avenue, Phoenixville, PA[/googleMap]