South Main Street And Third Avenue

This is the home and office of Dr. T. Hallen (Stephen Chase), where Steve and Jane brought the old man (Olin Howlin) they found running across the road. He had “some sort of blister” on his hand. It was late and Dr. Hallen was preparing to leave town for a conference. He called his nurse because he felt he would need to amputate the arm to get ahead of whatever this “thing” was. As we know, eventually The Blob ate not only the old man, but Dr. Hallen and his nurse.

The house still stands on the corner of Main and Third in Phoenixville, PA, and looks much the same as it did in the film. The gingerbread has been painted multi-colored, the glassed-in doorway has been removed and the trends , but it’s easy to tell it’s the same house. However, please remember that it still is a residence, so please respect their privacy.

[googleMap width=”400″ height=”400″ directions_to=”false”]South Main Street And Third Avenue, Phoenixville, PA[/googleMap]