227 Bridge Street


After leaving Jerry’s Market, the Blob continues feasting on the town’s residents. It finds its way to the Colonial Theater and oozes through the heating vent into the projectionist booth.

This image is the Blob, shortly after it emerges from the Colonial Theater. The projectionist and possibly several theatergoers have been consumed, and it’s now heading “across the street” toward the Downingtown Diner in search of another snack.

The breakout scene at the Colonial Theater had to be filmed twice because the first time someone fell (information provided by Barry Miller, who was one of the extras in this scene).

Taken from approximately the same angle, this shot shows the way the theater looks now. Even though the face of the building has been changed dramatically, the marquee still looks much as it did in 1958. And before you ask, yes it is still healthfully air conditioned.

The doors of the Colonial Theater have been replaced, but they still have the same look as they did in 1958.

Today, in addition to hosting the annual BlobFest, The Colonial Theatre still operates as a community movie house and fine arts theatre.

[googleMap name=”The Colonial Theatre”]227 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA[/googleMap]