4th Avenue And Main Street


After running out of the theater, several movie-goers are seen running around the corner. I often wondered where this scene was filmed, and my usual information sources couldn’t shed any light on the subject.

However, thanks to Howard Fishlove, who was the key grip and slater for the original film, the location was identified as 4th & Main Street in Royersford. I’d also like to thank Dave Lentz, who visited the location and sent me these pictures.

In 2007, that block of Main Street got its second shot at Hollywood stardom, as director Peter Jackson and crew used the street as a location for his 1970s-set. Shooting lasted for two days from November 28 to the 29th.

[googleMap name=”Mystery Street” directions_to=”false”]4th Avenue And Main Street, Royersford, PA[/googleMap]