BlobFest Tix Go On Sale Next Week!


Tickets for BlobFest’s Friday Night Runout go on sale next week via the Colonial Theater’s website.

If you are a member of the Theater you can purchase them during the Member’s only pre-sale on May the 28th & 29th with the general public getting their chance the following Monday, June 1.

All info is available here!

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BlobFest 2013 Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!

Popcorn and Movie TicketsIt’s been a busy couple of days of announcements for BlobFest 2013, but the one everyone has been waiting for is here! Tickets go on sale for all the BlobFest events, from the Friday Night Runout Reenactment to the various double feature screenings of The Blob and one of this year’s giant bug movies on Saturday and Sunday, tomorrow.

Check out the Colonial Theater’s website for more details and to purchase tickets.

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BlobFest Countdown: The Onion AV Club

It’s just a few days until the weekend and this year’s BlobFest and already the media attention is starting. Here is a nice piece that the Onion’s AV Club did on the Fest with organizer Shane Stone.


Philadelphia: The Blob movie theater

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In 2008, BlobFest celebrated the 50th anniversary of the release of The Blob and there were lots of camera crews to document the fun. Sure many of those were for local news coverage, but there were a few independent filmmakers who were looking to put together there own films about The Blob and BlobFest. Last week, one of those crews released their finished product – Blobtown. And despite my own appearance in the short film, I think it does a pretty good job of encapsulating Phoenixville and the fun that is BlobFest.

(Thanks to Blob Site friend Kevin Mahrer for the tip!)

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